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Help For the Coupon Challenged?

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I grew up as the youngest of eight on a small beautiful island off the coast of South America. Having the title of “the youngest” wasn’t something I had aspired to, it just was. That position in the family hierarchy had its blessings and its curses. The blessings entailed being protected and coddled by everyone for my own good, whether I understood it or not. The curses entailed being shut down, poohed poohed and told that I should be seen and not heard because I was just a child.

Not one to give up easily, I found ways around those things. I read a lot and journaled to express all the things I wanted say that I wasn’t allowed to because no one wanted to hear it. When I did get the opportunity to speak, I seized the moment and spoke as fast as I could to get my thoughts expressed before the thought killer “shut up!” could be tossed out.

Now before you start going, you poor baby, I will confess that I can talk. I could talk back then and I can still talk now. Now, they encourage you go to classes for a while and give you a nice license afterwards and call you a speaker or a minister. So you are empowered to do what you do naturally anyway. I’m like a 007-ette, Licensed… to… Speak…lol.  Na Na Na Nahhhh,  Na, Na Nahhh!

Now that I’m licensed to speak, I’m speaking out for all the “babies” of the families who were shut up, shut down and put into place one moment, then spoiled and coddled the next for their own good. What I didn’t understand at the time was that there was a method or a secret behind the coddling and the protectiveness for my own good—but I was too young to yet understand the reason.

I guess the same way I didn’t understand being coddled and protected for my own good, it’s the same way I feel about the coupon craze spreading around the Internet. I just don’t get it. They are always for products I don’t use or more expensive than I’m accustomed to using, however, every other site I visit I see an invitation to download X-amount of coupons and save.  While the adult in me realizes that there is a method or secret behind the coupon system that makes it work. The little girl or “baby” in me still says, “I don’t get it!”

I read posts in the comment section about saving as much as $100 of with Dell coupons and all that I see when I see coupons is my nose, because I go cross-eyed. So if anyone out there feels benevolent enough to share the secret or method behind couponing with me. Don’t be shy, stop on by. Help the coupon challenged.

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