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Why I Like HP Products

HP Products

When it comes to computers and printers, my preference runs to HP products. I have tried a Dell computer and whatever brands the owners at my former jobs utilized over the years but I have faithfully stuck to HP’s at home. Why? Because I know what I can expect to achieve with and from them. With proper care, I have experienced long life, good service and fabulous projects from my HP computers and printers.

I always make sure that I shut down my computer or laptop overnight. I ensure that I suck out those little dust bunnies from the keyboard and I make sure that all my updates are made faithfully. I also make sure that my antivirus program is up to date. This of course has nothing to do with the quality of the HP itself, however, if a virus gets into the computer, it doesn’t matter how many dust bunnies I’ve sucked up previously if a virus has eaten through my databases and down through my hard drive.

But all of that being said, another reason I like HP products is that they as a company, are always looking out for the consumer by making their products affordable by enclosing deals of all sorts. Just last month I bought a three pack of colored ink in the amount of $27.97 and got a great surprise rebate in the form of a $5 Wal*Mart gift card along with the purchase. It was not even advertised on the box anywhere! Now that’s what I call looking out for your customers and it is something that keeps me loyal.

Now today, if you like HP products even half as much as I do or would like to give them a try look for them at your local store and see if you don’t just love them!

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