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The Perfect Wedding Unity Ceremony

Unity Sand Ceremony Set

Every bride and groom wants their wedding to be the perfect wedding, especially the bride, because most women dream of what their wedding will be like from girlhood onward. If said girl is a reader, she has probably read countless romantic novels and literally or figuratively highlighted the romantic ideas for just this moment in time. She has probably paged through numerous wedding magazines as a teen and as an adult searched the Internet for ideas that will ensure that her day will be just so.

In her research, she has discovered the merits of the unity ceremony and has presented the idea to her groom-to-be and he loves it, the only decision is whether they wish to utilize candles or sand. Although they both symbolize the eternal nature of the joining of marriage and two lives becoming one and forming a new unbreakable mosaic…the question was which one to choose to make their day perfect.


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