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It’s not often that I get an opportunity to review a product that is so closely aligned to my needs. When this opportunity presented itself, I jumped on it with excitement. Despite the fact that I’m not the most techy person about apps, I read the directions and figured out how to download the free android app just for this assignment.


I’m so glad you asked!

September 2013 will make two years since my life was changed in a devastating manner. After having surgery to amputate both her legs above the knee, it was necessary to find an alternate solution for my mom’s care. Even with the CNA that I had coming in to assist me four hours a day during the week, I could not cope with the round the clock care that was necessary for my mom’s wellbeing. All of the research and book knowledge in the world could not help me at that point, it had become more than I could handle and I had to admit that and make the hardest choice of my life–choosing a nursing home that would become the new permanent home for my mom.

I thank God daily for my best friend Sue, who is a caretaker at heart. After the passing of her husband two years ago, she looked around for someone to assist and she picked me! At that time I was the choir director at my church, attending Bible classes, working full time at a 9-9, and part time blogging, when I could squeeze it in.

She had been through the deterioration of her mom’s mental condition and the nursing home selection process three years earlier and was a gentle rock, guiding me through the process as I balked at breaking a promise I had made to never place her in a nursing home. Neither of us had anticipated the onset of alzheimers and the end result of many years of being a diabetic.

We found the perfect nursing home–one that is faith based and noted for a low tolerance for patient neglect / abuse. They were patient with me as I waded through tons of paperwork, silent tears rolling down my face. She was placed there on August 15th–my birthday.

A month later, I felt vindicated as I saw the great care she received. Four months later, I made a video of her wheeling around in her wheelchair like a pro. Then one day, going home in a cab after a visit with her, I had an epiphany! We were paused at a red light and a funeral procession crossed the intersection in front of us. I had been weeping silently in the backseat trying to ignore the cab driver who sensed something was wrong and tried to cheer me up by talking too much.

As I saw that hearse go by, God dropped a message into my spirit that helped me make a 180 in my outlook. You see, the funeral party were mourning someone who was dead, yet I was mourning someone who was alive. God showed me that although the sharp woman that I grew up was now dead to me, the person herself was still alive, just going through a new stage in her life. I needed to take my focus off of what was and focus on what is. She lives and I still have time to appreciate and get to know who she is now.

What a fabulous message and right on time. Since then I have taken pictures of her and a few videos to memorialize her accomplishments over the past two years. Saving Memories Forever has taken me to a new level in that aspect. Not only do I have videos and pictures, now I have a virtual relative online, available for the next generation as well as our relatives overseas.

Last week Sunday was a very lucid day for my mom, so I asked her some questions and she answered to the best of her ability and I recorded them on my android phone and uploaded to the website. I am very excited about this site and app! Just think how many people can make awesome memories and have relatives out of the country, like we have, access the memories right from their home office. This app makes the perfect addition to the family reunion site that I have begun creating to pull families and histories together before they are lost.

I’d give the site four thumbs up…but I’ve only got two!

How It Works

The app and the site are very intuitive to use, here are some images of the steps:

Saving Memories Forever1

Step One

Step 1: Create a virtual relative and add a picture to it. (This can be done on the phone or via the website.) Once that is done, click on the arrow to go to the next stage.

Saving Memories Forever2

Step Two

Step 2: This screen guides you into choosing what time frame for which you wish to create a memory. This begins at 0-12 and goes up to 56+. Then there is also the option to choose topically, like favorite songs, philosophy, religion etc.

Once you’ve chosen you then click on the arrow to go to the next stage.

Saving Memories Forever3

Step Three

Step 3: After you choose a time frame or topic, the next screen takes you starter questions that will help the memories flow–from there you click on the arrow to go to the next stage.

Saving Memories Forever4

Step 4 – Recording

Step 4: This is the fun stage. This is where the recording occurs. You or your subject can then begin speaking on the topic chosen. Once the recording is completed. You have the option to play it back right away and either re-record or upload the memory to site then begin all over again creating a new memory for the same virtual relative or a new one.

Product/Company Facts:


Product Facts:

There is a free version available as well as a premium version for $3.99 a month or $40 a year. With the premium version everything is unlimited. With the free version you are able to use the free Android or iPhone apps, record and upload MP3 files that are 25Mb or less from your PC to website, add photos of the storytellers and add tags to stories. Limitations to use of the free version are as follows:

  • Only two storytellers permitted.
  • Only ten listeners permitted monthly.
  • Only able to listen to five stories per day.
  • Unable to use tags to search for stories
  • Unable to add photographs to stories
  • Unable to attach word documents
  • Cost of $12.95 to download zip file of all your stories


Company Facts:

  • Saving Memories Forever is the winner of the Project Innovation award
  • Active duty military personnel receive free premium subscriptions
  • Saving Memories Forever is the brainchild of Harvey and Jane Baker who realized upon completion of family chart that it really needed some work. Harvey is an electrical engineer by trade and generally a techy guy who figured out a way that a smartphone and a website could work in conjunction to ensure that others would not have the problem of a family history filled with holes. With the use of Saving Memories Forever, families can create their history as it occurs.

NOTE: I was only able to find the android app on Google play. The iPhone app is available on iTunes and Google play.

Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of for Saving Memories Forever. A free trial and promotional items were provided in exchange for my review. Regardless all opinions are my own.

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