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See Your Lover More Clearly This Valentine’s Day


When I was a child I loved superheroes. The Justice League was one of my favorite cartoons and my favorite characters were superman and Wonder Woman. I loved Superman because he could fly away up in the sky and be so free and he was so strong. I was going through a rough childhood and I really wished I could fly away from my home at times to escape. Many times at night I dreamt that I could fly. I was pretty disappointed when I woke up in the morning and realized that it was just a dream.

I used to also think that it would be pretty cool if I had his x-ray vision and if that x-ray vision could do more than see through clothing to the skeleton, but could help you see emotions. Kind of like Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth–once wrapped around someone, they were compelled to speak only the truth.  I could really have used one or the other of those super powers when friends hurt my feelings or boyfriends said one thing and their actions said something to the contrary.

Now Valentine’s Day is coming up and you’re wondering what to get your significant other. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could get your significant other  a brand new pair of Valentine’s Day glasses that were able to not only help him/her see you more clearly, but help him/her see into you? That would be like a double present for both of you.  Think of all the arguments you’d avoid!

Well…they’re not claiming that their glasses have the x-ray vision of Superman or the truth compulsion of Wonder Woman’s lasso, however, Zenni Opticals believes that eye glasses are a health necessity for most wearers and their high quality frames are durable, attractive and start at $6.95.

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